Sustainability & ethics

Plant a tree with every order

Long lasting durable materials

Plastic free

Recyclable materials

Carbon neutral


D Louise is an ethical, sustainable & affordable jewellery brand who's mission is to deliver high quality, long lasting stylish pieces. As all our items are waterproof, this eliminates consumers to keep having to buy new items after a couple of wears. We offer a lifetime warranty on our pieces and any items which have manufacturing defects we recycle into new products.


Did you know that stainless steel is able to be reduced, reused and recycled into new products making it 100% recyclable.

Not only is stainless steel recyclable the industry as a whole is deemed extremely environmentally friendly. This is because it uses primary energy sparingly, saves non-renewable sources and limits the waste stream.

Production and recycling are not separate stages in the life of stainless steel it is important to notice that they are one and the same process. Any stainless steel object has about 60% recycled content within it.

Plastics and other pollutants tend to add to the piles of globally growing landfills.  They continue to pollute our planet’s health by affecting the wildlife, our families and our land. There is a simple way to reduce this waste from expanding further by choosing stainless steel.


All of our packaging is plastic free